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Faith Travels by Streetcar 

AGYA Exhibition

The exhibition focuses on the rules, convictions and conventions of the monotheistic religions – Christianity, Islam, and Judaism – as well as on secular beliefs through objects of daily use.  How are faith, norms and freedom related to each other? Does faith necessarily imply a limitation of freedom? How do members of religious and non-religious communities give visibility to their beliefs and how are they perceived from outside over time? 

19 Uhr Traveling Through Time

AGYA Principal Investigator Verena Lepper (Egyptology, Berlin) together with the AGYA Co-Presidents Sascha Hein (Education & Psychology, Berlin) and Lobna Said (Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering, Egypt) welcome all guests and present 10 years of interdisciplinary Arab-German research cooperation and innovative science diplomacy. Afterwards, the installation ‘Faith Travels by Streetcar’ will be festively opened by curator and AGYA member Stefan Maneval (Arabic & Islamic Studies, Kiel) together with AGYA project partner Amro Ali (Sociology, Cairo). They will exchange on the plurality of notions of time with a special emphasis on the concept of 'sacred time’.

20/21/22 Uhr Introduction to the exhibition

Introduction to the exhibition by AGYA members Stefan Maneval (curator) and Amro Ali